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Follow the path of The Silk Road.

Explore China's glorious past and its booming present with John Shors Travel.

This inspired itinerary was designed to showcase the past and present wonders of China, and is highlighted by visits to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, and the Museum of Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses. Tour participants will also get to enjoy a three-night cruise down the Yangtze River aboard a five-star ship. Multiple shore excursions are included within this portion of the tour. This small group will also experience everything from a traditional rickshaw ride to the best circus in China to walking across the world’s highest “skybridge”. Cities visited will include Beijing, Xi’an, Chongqing, and Shanghai. For tour dates, and to see a complete itinerary, please contact John.

From our China adventures:

Here are a few memories that guests of John Shors Travel made while in China.

What our guests say...

“Reading John Shors’ books, and then traveling with him to the places he writes about, brought his stories to life as he shared his insights, knowledge, and passions. It was a life-affirming and exhilarating experience to hear him describe and explain, share and enjoy, his many inspirations. Traveling with him was an adventure and a one-of-a-kind vacation. The variety of activities and the personalized touches John added, as we journeyed together, created memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Roberta Knox

“Traveling with John Shors—who is the most considerate and detail-oriented guide ever—created the most personal, effortless, and worry-free travel experience that I could have asked for. Each day as I enjoyed the land and people around us, I never worried about questions like ‘What will we do tomorrow?’ or ‘Where will we go, or what will we eat, or will we be safe?’ because John had taken care of everything. His knowledge and thoroughness allowed me to appreciate each setting in all of its beauty, and I felt like I was walking through his novels, which added a new and unique dimension to my journey. His presence gave our trip an extra, special meaning that would have been impossible to experience without his guidance.”

Frits Huijskens

“I have been on two of John’s wonderful trips, and have traveled with him through Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. I am always impressed with his ability to provide his guests with the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxing, personal time. I know that so much work goes into his trips, and I appreciate his meticulous planning. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure!”

Tina Hook

“Despite having a well-organized and planned itinerary, John was willing to make several adjustments to accommodate individual requests made by members of our group. He also gave us a nice mix of options and was quite flexible with his plans.”

Dennis Farrell
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