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Colorado College Uzbekistan Tour

John Shors Travel is proud to partner with Colorado College’s Office of Alumni and Family Relations to offer a one-of-a-kind alumni trip to Uzbekistan. This tour will run from September 27 — October 6, 2024.

A Colorado College alum, John Shors is both an internationally bestselling novelist and a tour operator. For more than a decade, he has been creating, managing, and leading small-group tours to destinations around the world, and has brought groups to more than thirty countries.

John’s tour to Uzbekistan will follow the legendary Silk Road, with stops in the cities of Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara. Multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites will be visited, always beside John and local guides.

This high-end, all-inclusive tour (with an average hotel rating of four-stars) will feature a variety of cultural experiences, as well as an itinerary that will simultaneously showcase many of Uzbekistan’s best sights while also giving guests ample free time to explore ancient pathways with John, or a local guide, or by themselves.

To receive the tour’s complete itinerary, which will include pricing details, in addition to daily schedules, please email John at

Interested in this unique tour to Uzbekistan? Get in touch with John at

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On our adventures at John Shors Travel, our guests become our friends. Here's what they have to say about their experiences.

I’ve been inspired to go on three of John’s tours after reading his books. His trips are exceptional, and he makes everyone on his trips feel safe, important, and fulfilled. I can’t wait for the next big adventure!

Lori Daniel

“Traveling with John Shors is both a special privilege and pleasure. I just returned from an 11-day trip in Thailand, led by John. His planning, attention-to-detail, and responsiveness are outstanding. His itinerary featured a wide variety of thoughtfully selected, well-executed, top-notch attractions. As we walked around on Koh Phi Phi island, where his novel Cross Currents is set, I was able to vicariously relive that compelling story. Traveling with an author like John provides an added dimension not possible to duplicate in other packaged tours. If you are seeking a first-class, five-star adventure to treasure in the years ahead, then I would whole-heartedly recommend touring with John Shors.”

Ann Kelsey

“We were lucky to have John lead our entire extended family on an unforgettable trip to SE Asia. He was able to find great activities, restaurants, and hotels that provided fantastic experiences for all three generations of us. He was also flexible enough to make changes if necessary due to weather or the unanticipated. We knew we could count on him to take total care our family. We all loved being with John.”

Nancy Green

“Traveling under the planning and care of John Shors makes for the best trip you can imagine. He does all of the work, making everything appear effortless, all the while paying such close attention to each individual in the group. For our trip to Eastern Europe, John had every detail planned to a T before we set off, but he also stayed fluid during our trip, making minor adjustments to the itinerary based on the needs of our group. One of my favorite things about John’s trip was his openness to serendipity. One night our group ended up singing, dancing, and clasping hands with 17 Iranian veterinarians on a beautiful dinner cruise down the Danube—a step in the direction of world peace. John is a gentle peacemaker—and he loves to have fun!”

Judy Goodwin

“I have been blessed to travel around the world, and have been with many different tour companies. I’m happy to say that my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam with John was my favorite adventure. He is a delight, is so well organized, and had planned so many wonderful activities. He seems to know the region like the back of his hand, which makes a big difference. Plus, he keeps his group size small, which is really nice. I am recommending his tours to all of my friends.”

Jane Evans

“I went on an incredible trip to Thailand and Cambodia with John. Traveling with him is like having an adventure with a friend, but also benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a great guide. To have an author lead us through exotic countries, about which he has written, is like becoming one of the characters in his books. I’m so excited that he decided to share his world with us. Our adventure to Southeast Asia was the trip of a lifetime!”

Lisa Wenzel

“Reading John Shors’ books, and then traveling with him to the places he writes about, brought his stories to life as he shared his insights, knowledge, and passions. It was a life-affirming and exhilarating experience to hear him describe and explain, share and enjoy, his many inspirations. Traveling with him was an adventure and a one-of-a-kind vacation. The variety of activities and the personalized touches John added, as we journeyed together, created memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Roberta Knox

“For me, the highlights of the extraordinary tour that John provided involved his very personal and imaginative touches. For instance, we loved the glorious rooms at the Majestic Hotel in Saigon, the wonderful dinner cruise there, the remarkable care of his support staff in Cambodia, and our magnificent elephant rides. Also, our experience with John was very interactive and enjoyable. We appreciated his patience, flexibility, engaging spirit, and attention to detail, all of which provided us with a trip of a lifetime.”

Richard duBusc

“Traveling with John Shors—who is the most considerate and detail-oriented guide ever—created the most personal, effortless, and worry-free travel experience that I could have asked for. Each day as I enjoyed the land and people around us, I never worried about questions like ‘What will we do tomorrow?’ or ‘Where will we go, or what will we eat, or will we be safe?’ because John had taken care of everything. His knowledge and thoroughness allowed me to appreciate each setting in all of its beauty, and I felt like I was walking through his novels, which added a new and unique dimension to my journey. His presence gave our trip an extra, special meaning that would have been impossible to experience without his guidance.”

Frits Huijskens

“My husband and I agree that our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was the best-managed tour that we have ever taken. It was pure pleasure to be able to focus on enjoying the tour with its excellent accommodations, food, and local excursions. John Shors went out of his way to help us with Internet connections, as well as shopping and shipping. We give him our highest recommendation.”

Nancy Battilega

“I have been inspired to travel to two Asian countries because of John’s books. After reading Dragon House, and learning that proceeds from his book went to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, I traveled to Vietnam to see for myself the street kids of Vietnam. John not only painted the picture perfectly of the needs of these misplaced children, but is actively helping them through awareness and financial support. When the chance came to travel with John to India on a literary tour of the places in India that appear in Beneath a Marble Sky, I jumped at the opportunity. This time instead of a camera crew, I brought my daughter so that she could experience John’s storytelling and exceptional skills as a travel guide. He made everyone on the trip feel safe, important, and fulfilled. We can’t wait for the next big adventure!”

Lori Daniel - Producer CNN

“My husband and I had the privilege of visiting Vietnam and Cambodia with John Shors recently. This was our first trip to Asia, so having John as a guide was amazing to say the least. Before we left, he sent a very thorough itinerary detailing all of the tours, restaurants, hotels, etc. we would be going to. It included everything you would want to see or do and then some. Everything he had planned looked amazing, and exceeded our expectations once we were there. I can’t imagine a better experience for our first time in Asia, or a better guide. We will definitely be taking more trips with John.”

Lisa Sutton
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